Requirements for commercial drone operating companies

UAV Industries has been approved by the SACAA to operate commercially within the boundaries of South Africa. In order to do this, a company must comply with the following:

  • Air Service License (ASL) issued by the Department of Transport (not for Corporate or Non-Profit)
  • Remote Operator Certificate (ROC) issued by the CAA (which is equal to that of an Aircraft Operator Certificate (AOC) used by commercial airlines)
  • Registration with the SACAA
  • Valid Letter of Approval (RLA)
  • ┬áThird party liability insurance
  • ┬áValid ICASA certificate for air band radio in operation

In order to be issued with the above licenses, a company must demonstrate all aspects of the business to the SACAA and must have the following roles within their management structure:

  • Accountable Manager (CEO) – Management experience required
  • Responsible Person Flight Operations – aviation experience required
  • Responsible Person Aircraft (Chief Pilot)
  • Safety Manager – aviation experience and qualifications required
  • Quality Manager – aviation experience and qualifications required
  • Security Manager – aviation experience required