Remote Operating Certificate

UAV Industries has introduced the concept of an ‘umbrella’ Remote Operating Certificate (ROC) allowing smaller drone operators to benefit from the organisational and administrative infrastructure provided by UAV Industries.

What are the benefits of the ‘umbrella’ ROC for smaller UAV operators?

  • Quicker entry to market
  • Lower ‘cost to operate’ for the overall ROC requirement
  • Comprehensive operational control, safety and security
  • Access to a network of drone knowledge across the globe
  • UAV Industries is a “one stop shop” for the operator’s drone requirements


How are these benefits for smaller UAV operators realised?

A ROC is a certification approved and issued by the SACAA that demonstrates that an organisation fulfils the legal requirements to commercially operate a drone; that all required processes, qualified staff and procedures are in place.

Both the South African Civil Aviation regulations (CAR’s) and Technical Specifications (CATS) define the standard requirements for the issue of a ROC which are in line with the SACAA’s requirements for traditional full-size manned aircraft operations. These include several staffing roles that, if fully staffed, will overburden the administrative costs of a smaller UAV operator.

This same concept also applies to companies looking for internal UAV operations, whereby UAV Industries can provide the infrastructure and resources to manage their UAV flight department on behalf of the business.