You’ve bought the drone, but learning to fly can be intimidating. This is why UAV Industries has designed a short but comprehensive, online proficiency course that aims to give you a full overview of the principles of drone flight as well as the key legislation surrounding unmanned aviation, as set out by the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

Designed using an internationally respected learning management software (LMS) used by millions of students world-wide, the online course consists of a series of online animation and video tutorials. Students are required to work through each section and complete accompanying online tests in order to progress.  Upon successful completion of the series, students will receive a downloadable certificate of completion.

Man is controlling flying drone at sunset. 3D rendered illustration of drone.


Drone owners who have completed the UAV Industries’ Drone Proficiency Theory Course, will also benefit greatly from completing our Drone Proficiency Practical Course, which provides a brief but thorough overview of a student’s drone and how to operate it within the recreational drone law requirements of the SA Civil Aviation Authority.

Completion of both the Drone Proficiency Theory Course and Drone Proficiency Practical Course, will also unlock exclusive benefits with our recreational drone insurance partner, Drone Covered.


With the considerable growth of the drone industry in recent years and its continued expansion expected, Drone Covered is proud to be the first specialist drone insurance available to non-commercial drone pilots in South Africa, offering hull, loss and theft cover, as well as third party and liability cover up to R2.5 million.

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