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Embargo: 12 May 2022 (Immediately)
UAV Industries Group is pleased to announce a scheduled change in senior leadership.
Ken Venn, founder, and outgoing CEO of UAVI, is stepping down as CEO and will head up Sales
and Business Development for the Group having led the Group through the tough COVID
pandemic that has had a significant detrimental effect to the aviation industry.
Ken will focus his efforts on growing the UAVI Group revenues in South Africa and
Richard von Seidel, the largest shareholder in UAVI, will bring his extensive expertise in
business to take over the reins from Ken as the CEO. Richard plans to extend on the platform
built so far to steer the company to new levels of excellence in the African market.
UAVI Group has now completed management restructuring across all senior management
levels to make the Group’s offering more agile and attentive to the changing markets in both
the Drone Operations and Drone Training Divisions.
UAV Industries Group would like to extend a word of thanks and appreciation to Ken for his
tireless effort to create, lead and bring to realisation the new business model that will take
the business forward.
UAVI Group (UAV Industries and UAV Industries Training) is a company that prides itself to be
the leaders in the aviation industry with both drone operations and drone pilot training based
in South Africa.
The goal of UAV Industries is to increase the use of drones in all industrial operations, either
through the supply of operations or via their ROC4Rent service that allows companies to
undertake the drone work themselves. It is UAVI’s belief that a drone should be a commercial
tool almost as common practice as having a cell phone.
UAV Industries Training is recognised as the leading drone pilot training school in South Africa.
Enquiries can be directed to Marketing@flyuavi.com