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SA drone operator announces a first across Africa and warns businesses


Globally the drone business is proving to be one of the most explosive new growth industries in recent years, with South Africa a relatively late bloomer. With only a handful of training providers in the country, and thousands of uncertified and, therefore, illegal pilots, the industry is in urgent need of upskilling and compliance.

A Cape Town company, UAV Industries, has today announced that it is the first drone operator in Africa to be certified to train pilots and operate drones, receiving their Remote Operating Certificate from The South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA).

Already one of the country’s leading training providers, the new announcement means they are now the only company on the continent to provide insured and legal flights using their pilots for various industries in South Africa.

Published on Cape Business News.

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High hopes: the school for professional drone pilots


Drones may be a budding industry, but so is the business of training pilots who want to use them for commercial purposes. Cape Town-based UAV Industries is one school where pilots can earn their legal wings.

Published on EWN.

Everything you need to know about SA’s new ‘drone’ regulations


From 1 July 2016, the Civil Aviation Authority implemented a stringent set of regulations for the use of remotely piloted aircraft systems – or drones, as they’re better known. Watch.

News24 spoke to Braam Botha, the Operations Manager at UAV Industries. Botha and his organisation were instrumental participants in the formulation of the new regulations. Watch the video below for everything you need to know.