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A Letter from Anthony Salubi – Nigerian Drone Pilot


Anthony Salubi is a drone software specialist based in Nigeria, who recently spent time with UAV Industries in Cape Town to complete his practical training component of his Remote Pilot License course. Prior to his departure, he kindly provided detailed written feedback on his overall experience, which offers other potential students an independent view of what you may expect from our Training courses. Anthony was a pleasure to train and we wish him the very best upon his return to Nigeria. Our doors are always open and we look forward to a long-standing friendship with him. 

“At UAVI, you’re trained by professionals who have both the knowledge of flying RPAS or manned aircrafts and the practical experience. You’re certainly sure of getting the adequate knowledge you need to succeed in both the aviation industry and in unmanned aviation industry.

 They spend adequate time with you (one-on-one) to ensure you’re able to succeed in the SACAA examination. They also give you all necessary documents for the theoretical knowledge and have the necessary equipment to give you the best practical training experience for both multirotor and fixed wing training to acquire a Remote Pilot License. 

The staff are very friendly, patient and happy people, always willing to assist you in anything needed, to ensure that you accomplish your goals and help you solve any issues that you may have. They make your stay and training as comfortable as it can be.

Thanks to Mervin Mc Keith, I was able to visit the beach and go mountain climbing, which was awesome fun. Climbing to the top of the mountain was a killer (lazy me) but it was worth it. I would love to do it again.

Sincere thanks to Daniel Bryon, my main flight instructor, who made flying fun and ensured I succeeded in flight operations. I also thank him tremendously for making my trip to Fresh Grow (Flight training site) easy and burdenless. 

I also thank Deandra Peters for making all my appointments for the medicals easy and stress free.

I will most certainly not forget my stay in South Africa any time soon. Training at UAVI, you’re sure to get training from the best and nothing less. Cape Town is a beautiful place, nice scenery, serene environment and nice people.

I thank UAVI for giving me the opportunity to become a certified Remote Pilot Operator. 

The Protea hotel is very comfortable, always cool and nice, and if you don’t feel like sleeping/relaxing, the environment and room will make you sleep ☺.  The staff are very friendly, kind and nice to interact with.

Best regards,  


UAV Industries Training Africa Expands Its Training Offering and Team


In just over a year since the pandemic changed life as we know it, UAV Industries Training Africa is proud to have launched and developed our online training service, allowing RPL and BVLOS students to attend their theory training from anywhere in the world. And at a time where job uncertainty prevails for many South Africans, we’re pleased to be in a position of strong growth, and excited to welcome three new members to our Training team. Yolandi, Anton and Sam all have aviation in their blood and are already invaluable to our national training teams. 

Yolandi Keyser – Sales Manager (JHB)

Yolandi is a proud mom of 4, who confesses to literally being brought up in Jan Smuts airport, now known as OR Tambo. Both her parents and grandmother used to work there and Yolandi had the privilege of going to work with her dad on occasion where she got to experience how a control room worked.

Since joining UAV Industries Training Africa , Yolandi has discovered that the drone industry has many challenges and to work through in terms of rules and regulations. But she is very excited about what’s to come!   

“I absolutely love working for UAV Industries. The whole culture of the company is so inviting; people working here bring a sense of friendship into the workplace, while maintaining a high level of professionalism. UAV Industries feels like a family. 

If I could say anything to the up-and-coming RPL Pilots is to come and join us for the best training and to become a member of our extended family.”


Samkeliso Pepeta – Drone Pilot Instructor (CPT) 

Hailing from Port Elizabeth, Sam got into aviation in 2012 when he started doing his PPL and CPL. It was Sam’s brother who introduced him to flying, and from the word go, he was totally in love with aviation. Highlight of his aviation career thus far, other than joining UAV Industries (of course!), was when he obtained his CPL and RPL. 

“Joining the UAV Industries Training Africa  team is very exciting because of the level of education they offer. Immediately after I trained with them (his RPL), I wanted to study more about drones. UAV Industries offered me the opportunity to do my instructors rating.

Onwards and upwards, Sam! 

Anton Ten Krooden – Drone Pilot Instructor (JHB) 

Born and raised in Pretoria, Anton has had a big interest in aviation from a young age. In 2012 he had the opportunity to be involved in an anti-rhino poaching project which utilised drones for monitoring the park, which is where his passion for drones began. When the regulations came in from SACAA to regulate the commercial drone industry, he started his career as a drone instructor and the rest is history. 

His most memorable aviation experience? 

With the anti-rhino poaching team, flying in the park surrounded by incredible wildlife” 

Sure beats ‘a day in the office’, doesn’t it?