Remote Pilot Licence (RPL) Training Course Outline

UAV Industries is a licenced Aviation Training Organisation (ATO Number: CAA/0380), certified by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) for remotely piloted aircraft (RPAS) or drones.

We have taken away much of the hard work of obtaining an RPL for commercial drone operations, by designing an all-inclusive training course that equips students with the skill and knowledge required to safely operate unmanned aircraft in a commercial capacity and also guides and supports you through all the required steps required to obtain your license from the SACAA.

RPL Training is divided into two parts: theory and practical training.

Once both training and practical elements have been completed (allow a minimum of 4-8 weeks), UAV Industries will prepare, lodge and manage your  Remote Pilot Licence application with the SACAA directly, saving you time and hassle!

In addition to the theory exams, students will be required to complete:

  • Restricted Radio Licence training (Theory and practical included in above 7 days).
  • English Proficiency Exam, which includes an oral interview with examiner (exemption might be available for some tertiary degrees or English first language).

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More Information

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RPL Training Part 1: Theory

Theory Training takes place in one of our two approved training facilities in Cape Town (Paarden Eiland) or Joburg (Grand Central Airport, Midrand).

Classroom training covers a wide range of subjects, followed by multiple choice examinations.

  •  Air Law
  • Flight Planning and Navigation
  • Meteorology
  •  Human Factors
  •  Principles of Flight
  • Technical aspects and related items
  •  Recapitulation of coursework and practical planning session

Duration of theory component: 5 days

Once all theory training has been covered, students will be required to complete and pass the required multiple choice exams based on theory content.  Exam times are flexible and can be arranged individually.

RPL Training Part 2: Practical

The practical component of the RPL Training Course is very flexible in terms of timings as it is scheduled around the student’s individual availability. Practical training consists of one-to-one training sessions using a Blade Chroma drone.

  • Training slots are booked online in advance for convenience.
  • UAV Industries does not actively limit the flight training to only a few hours as some flight schools do.
  • Duration of practical element depends on students’ skill, experience, progress, availability and weather conditions (allow 4 – 8 weeks on average)


The practical training component culminates in a practical exam or skills test called a ‘Sign Out’ with a Designated Flight Examiner.