Prerequisites of a drone Pilot

UAV Industries has looked at all the requirements for obtaining your license and with this knowledge in hand we have designed our course to give you a one-stop destination with minimum hassle to help you achieve your goal of becoming a pilot. The following requirements need to be met before one can apply for an RPL.

  • Applicants must be 18 years or older
  • Applicants must possess a valid Class 3 Medical Certificate


In addition to the above an applicant will need to successfully complete a the training course and pass a written examination
covering the following core subjects:

  • Human Factors
  • Radio Aids & Restricted Radio License Controls
  • Air Law and Procedures
  • Technical and General
  • Navigation and Flight Planning
  • Principals of Flight
  • Meteorology
  • Observer Control
  • Restricted Radio License


Additional Requirements:

  • Applicants must pass an English Proficiency Test Level 4 or higher.
  • Applicants must complete practical flight training with a certified flight instructor (CFI) to prepare for a skills test with the Designated Flight Examiner (DFE).
  • Upon completion of the practical training, the CFI will provide a Letter of Recommendation which allows the applicant to undertake the skills test with the DFE.
  • Upon successful completion of a skills test, UAV Industries will assist the applicant in submitting the licence application to the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA).

UAV Industries is a “one-stop-shop” and as such will assist in you gaining all of the above.