Controlled Airspace Training Course Outline

UAV Industries Flight School is open for Training during Lockdown and is conducting live, lecturer-led online training for students enrolled in a Controlled Airspace Training Course.

UAV Industries is a licensed Aviation Training Organisation (ATO Number: CAA/0380), certified by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) for remotely piloted aircraft (RPAS) or drones.

The Controlled Airspace Training course aims to prepare you for your SACAA assessment for approval to operate RPAS in Controlled Airspace.

The course runs every Tuesday between 9am and 13h30, subject to demand. Student numbers are limited to 6 per class (minimum of 3).

Subjects covered during the course include:

  • General Principles related to Controlled Airspace
  • Understanding LOP procedures
  • RPAS Performance Details
  • Airspaces (CTR, ATZ) Class C
  • Flight Planning (FUA, FP – CAMU, ATSU)
  • Mock Practical Test: CTR, Tower, TIBA

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More Information

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