Drone Pilot Training

Under Level 3 Lockdown, UAV Industries Flight School is conducting all Classroom Training online, via live lecturer-led sessions. Written exams and practical 1-to-1 flight instruction will take place at our Flight Schools in Cape Town and Johannesburg, where strict screening, physical distancing and hygiene measures have been put in place to ensure maximum safety for students and staff members. 

UAV Industries is a licensed drone pilot training company; officially known as an Aviation Training Organisation (ATO Number: CAA/0380), certified by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) for remotely piloted aircraft (RPAS) or drones.

With drone pilot training facilities in both Cape Town and Johannesburg, we have trained over 800 drone pilots on our Remote Pilot Licence (RPL) Training Course since opening our doors in 2016.

UAV Industries is an authorised provider of the following ratings for your Remote Pilot Licence (RPL), which is one of the requirements to legal drone operations in South Africa.


All students undertake the multi-rotor qualification, allowing pilots easy access into the professional world of drones.


Longer duration, surveillance type drone missions require fixed-wing airframes. Offering more flight time and distance.


Our number one goal is to provide you with the highest quality of drone pilot training at the most competitive price. For this reason, our drone pilot training courses include a pricematch promise. We will better any ‘like-for-like’ quote for RPAS training that you receive.

Take a look at our range of courses below:

Remote Pilot Licence (RPL) Training

The Remote Pilot Licence (RPL) training course is one of the key requirements for anyone looking to work as a commercial drone pilot within a company with the correct operational permissions (ROC). The training course  is divided into two parts: a full week of classroom training (5 full days) – followed by exams and proficiency tests, as well as further one-on-one practical flight training with an instructor. The practical component can take between 4-8 weeks to complete, depending on your skill level and availability.


Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Training

UAV Industries is proud to launch South Africa’s first accredited BVLOS Training Course, open to qualified RPAS pilots in possession of a valid Remote Pilot Licence. Spread over ten days, training currently takes place at one of our two authorised flight schools in Cape Town and Johannesburg. 

If you do not have your RPL but are interested in doing your BVLOS, we will be able to offer an RPL + BVLOS course bundle at a discounted rate.


Instructor Pilot Licence (IPL)

Are you looking to take your drone career to the next level? UAV Industries is proud to present our  SACAA approved drone instructors course, which will allow individuals with their drone pilot licence (RPL) the opportunity to become a drone instructor.

If you do not yet possess an RPL, we can offer both RPL and IPL in a discounted course bundle that will save you 25% of total course value.


Controlled Airspace Training

The Controlled Airspace Training course aims to prepare you for your SACAA assessment for approval to operate RPAS in Controlled Airspace.


Payload Course

* COMING SOON *  UAV Industries will be launching a series of competency based drone pilot courses, including: Wildlife Survey, Plant Survey and Photography.

To be notified once our payload courses are up and running, please send us your details to training@flyuavi.com and we will add you to our mailing list.

UAV Industries can also provide additional ratings with regards to limitations of operations:

  • VLOS (Visual Line of Sight): up to 500m away
  • Night Ratings

In addition to our drone (RPL) and Instructors course, we are the first flight school to be approved to train Observers, who are essential for flights operating close to buildings, people, public roads and National Key Points.


  • UAV Industries is a leading flight school in South Africa, certified by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) to operate as a Training Facility for Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPAS) or drones.
  • Our instructors are highly respected and qualified remote and manned pilots, with years of experience in a wide variety of military and civilian remote and manned aircraft.
  • Our exceptionally high standards encourage our students to operate at equally high standards.