Usage of drones per industry

UAV Industries can offer commercial drone services in a wide variety of industries, including


Whether you require aerial footage for a commercial or a major motion picture drones can provide the necessary aerial footage.


High Definition aerial still footage is important for numerous industries including estate agents, photo journalists, surveying and many more.

Agricultural Surveys

Agricultural needs will be one of the largest requirements for drones, both for fauna and flora.

Mining surveys

Analysing mine dumps and stock piles assist mines in quickly making real-time decisions as to mine logistics.

Search and Rescue

Rapid, long-duration and multi-payload search and rescue is critical in first-responder environments.

Law Enforcement

There are numerous aerial applications for drones in the law enforcement arena.


First responder and the use of infrared technology.


Monitoring vast conservation land tracts, locating particular fauna and flora, assisting with hard to monitor locations.

Marine conservation

Operating across vast stretches of Africa’s coastline.

Fire fighting

Assisting with fire monitoring and damage investigation.

Building Inspections

Wear and tear analysis, including leak detection.

Project Management

Assisting project mangers and owners understand progress with regards to large civil works.

Structural Inspections

Inspecting operating plant, machinery and vessels is a new discipline and without the proximity and danger to human life drones are the ideal.