Our Remote Operator Certificate No CAA/G1221D allows UAV Industries to provide legal and insured operations to our customers; our Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) endorsement allows us to carry out long range aerial inspections more cost-effectively and deliver crucial data in a quicker timeframe.

Legal And Insured Drone Services

UAV Industries offers legal and insured commercial drone services for a wide variety of industries and commercial applications. Our tailored aerial solutions use Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) or drones to capture critical business information in a faster, safer and more cost-effective way and transform this data into insightful information that helps you make better business decisions and increase overall operational efficiency.

UAV Industries’ key drone services include the flight operations, data analytics and reporting across the following sectors: industrial inspections, mapping and surveys, security and surveillance, live events and production.

Aerial Mapping and Surveys

UAV Industries’ drones capture and convert thousands of high resolution aerial images into orthomosaics and 3D surface models, using a process called aerial photogrammetry which measures and interprets features directly.


Industrial Inspections

Drone technology allows UAV Industries to carry out a close visual inspection of your plant or equipment without going offline, offering significant cost savings and increased operational efficiency.


Security And Surveillance

Thermal mapping means we can provide aerial surveillance both day and night, with live data and video feed integrating into local security systems to allow for speedier security deployment on the ground.


Live Events and Production

UAV Industries can help you capture engaging and dynamic aerial footage at live sport, music and cultural events. Whether you need high resolution still photos or 4K ultra-high resolution video, we have a solution for you at the fraction of the cost of using manned aircraft.