Bespoke drone operations

UAV Industries offers legal, insured bespoke drone operations for a wide variety of industries and commercial applications.  With numerous uses for drones in today’s global environment, it is essential that a drone operator is able to offer legal and insured flights  to the end customer.

Our Remote Operator Certificate allows UAV Industries to provide legal and insured solutions to our customers

Due to popular demand, UAV Industries has created a number of pre-packaged drone solutions available for various industry segments, these include:

Filming and Production

Estate Agents


Renewable Energy

Utilities Structural Surveys


“My industry does not appear in your drone services list. Does this mean UAV Industries cannot help?”

Many companies or individuals may not think that they have a use for drones in their operational requirements but for any task that requires working at height, visuals from height or has a dangerous element to it due to proximity of operating machinery, drones operated by UAV Industries can assist.

e.g.  Shipping Industry

A ship currently in a dry dock would normally necessitate numerous hours for inspection of cracks and other exposure related wear and tear. However, a piloted drone with the correct payload can quickly follow a pre-determined flight path, capture all of the relevant information and analyse the information through software. Armed with this information, one can determine a list of items to be further inspected, areas that need particular focus from prescribed maintenance teams, where paint is needed etc. as well as provide the ground based expert with relevant information to create an effective maintenance procedure.