What makes UAV Industries different?

UAV Industries has a simple vision: “To become the standard for safe and legal drone operations in Africa”. UAV Industries’ founders and staff have vast experience in both aviation and technology. In bringing these two spheres together, we are at the forefront of creating a comprehensive digital platform  to allow for the seamless integration of:

  • Drone training
  • Drone leasing
  • Flight planning
  • Safe, legal and insured flights
  • Drone management
  • Flight data capture

UAV Industries is the only company in Africa to have both a certified drone training school and a drone operators certificate. Allowing UAV Industries the necessary feedback between operations and training.

How it all began

UAV Industries as a commercial drone operators’ concept was founded in 2014. In refining the business case and working with the drone industry and regulators towards the South African legislation, initial funding was raised, allowing UAV Industries to initiate the business in Cape Town, South Africa, and employ Braam Botha as an Operations Manager.

The legislation is promulgated and comes into effect in South Africa, allowing UAV Industries to put forward applications to receive the following licenses:  Remote Training Organisation (RTO), Remote Operating Certificate (ROC) and the necessary Air Service Licence (ASL).

Greg Donaldson is employed as Chief Instructor and Pilot. With his additional expertise, UAV Industries is able to begin developing comprehensive training material and presentations and ensure the use-cases for operations are ready.

UAV Industries receives ASL, ROC and RTO licenses. Significant demand for potential drone pilots is presented to the company, initiating the training regime. An additional capital round is initiated and closed in the middle of 2016, allowing UAV Industries to:

  • Create South Africa’s preeminent drone leasing business
  • Offer regular drone services in a cost-effective manner across South Africa and the continent
  • Provide safe integration for manned and unmanned airspace
  • Set up the UAV Industries’ drone incubators in Johannesburg and Cape Town
  • Provide drone training not only across the country and continent but also expand the offering into more advanced uses of drones and with focus on specific industries