Free drone pilot training course exclusively for women

UAV Industries has announced the launch of a free Remote Pilot Licence Training Course exclusively for women, which aims to attract women interested in building a career within unmanned aviation. More

500 UAV Industries certified pilots

UAV Industries offers various drone training courses including the professional RPL, observers, certificate and more advanced courses.


Bespoke Commercial Operations

UAV Industries offers bespoke #LegalAndInsured commercial drone operations for a wide variety of industries and commercial applications.


Why use UAV Industries?

#1 Legal and Insured Drone Operator

BENEFIT: You are legally insured against any incident that may occur during flight operations and you do not have to worry about being held liable for employing an illegal drone operator.


#2 Largest Fleet of Commercial Drones in SA

BENEFIT: You can rest assured we will have the most suitable drones and technical equipment to satisfy your specific requirements.


#3 Industry Specific Specialists 

BENEFIT: A dedicated specialist account manager with years of experience, who understands your business needs, will guide your operations from start to finish, ensuring you receive your data in a format compatible with your management software. Key areas include industrial inspections, security and surveillance, live events, surveys and data mapping. 


#4 Highly Experienced Team

BENEFIT: Our Team will deliver a prompt and professional service, from site checks and set-up to flight operations and data transfer, saving you time and money.

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